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A Letter From the Creator.

Dear patrons and creatives,

Welcome to Behold the Art! This platform was created so that consumers can easily find talented, Black visual artists to purchase from. I first started this journey just wanting to view art online via twitter and tumblr. But then I started noticing that there are some really REALLY talented artists who are not reaching the audience they need to and therefore aren't receiving as many RTs. No, it's not about clout and the counter on social media is not indicative of real life numbers or how great a person is at their craft; however, that "my next buyer could be on your TL" is a real thing lol.

Most importantly, I also wanted to connect with Black artists from all over the world. Being a part of the diaspora, I have witnessed some hard conversations about the misconceptions we have about each other's experiences and different cultures. Whether you're Afro-Caribbean, Black American, or from one of the 54 countries in Africa, my hope is that we can acknowledge our similarities and celebrate our differences and pass this on to our friends and family.

All in all I just want us all to win! Getting the courage to get this together has been a roller coaster and I'm just glad that the unveiling is finally here! If you are a Black artist (specifically painting, drawing, photography, videography, sculptures, etc) and are interested in being featured in our gallery, please send your inquiry to

Thanks for all the support!

- Celese


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