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Where Coloring Meets Culture

Paris Williams is a multifaceted entrepreneur and businessman from Chicago who has found the market for adult coloring books that are dedicated to the culture. He is the owner and curator of MobiColor and creator and host of the Color Sessions event series. His entrepreneurial journey started in 6th grade with a former teacher and father figure who was dedicated to the lives of his students. He taught them how to make Christmas trees out of hangers, garlands, and lights. Paris turned his new trade into a business and sold these trees to the teachers at his school. From this young age he saw the world around him as a market to be served and he always had exactly what people never knew they needed. Infatuated with money, he continued on throughout his school years selling goods and services to the masses.

While researching ways to fundraise for his initial startup company, MobiMall (outfit curation from local brands and influencers to meet your personal needs and occasion), he became inspired by the triumphant story of how the founders of Airbnb began to raise money for their now billion dollar company. (If you’re not familiar, the founder’s created two kinds of cereal for the DNC and RNC during the 2008 elections: Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s. They made each full box of cereal by hand and sold them for $40 a box.) He came across the idea of Mobicolor while perusing through the dollar store and picking up a coloring book.

Since then he has taken a very analytical approach to how and what his coloring books were to be focused on. His mission for MobiColor is ”to get people who don't necessarily think coloring is for them, to color. I want coloring to be cool again. When we were kids, what did we do? Play with legos, color, go outside, and just be a kid. I wanted to bring that enthusiasm and that feeling back to adults”.

His first coloring book was culture themed with 100 images that was followed by a Barack Obama themed coloring book which sold out. He was then invited to New York Fashion Week to sell his products as news about his culture themed coloring books spread. Paris plans to re-release the Obama MobiColor with a limited edition cover within the next couple of months, so be on the lookout for that! Other themed books include Black Panther, Leaders 1354 (Chicago based, urban apparel), and Coloring Culture Vol. 2 (overall encompassing art, music, fashion, and relevant people of the culture).

To couple the product with a memorable experience, Paris birthed the Color Sessions event series that occurs monthly at various venues across Chicago. These events cater to different themes around The Culture: 90’s vs 00’s, The Fresh Prince, G.O.O.D. MUSIC, Chicago, and food. Events often include a free 3D virtual painting service and a free frame to take home with their creation. These events serve to not only get people to put their phones down but to also facilitate healthy and freeing creativity amongst event goers in a fun and open environment.

Can’t make it to Chicago? Paris Williams strives to have official storefronts for his Color Sessions in every major city in America. Tell him you want one near you! The next Color Sessions will be on October 28. To keep up to date with the Color Sessions events follow @Mobicoloring on Instagram and to purchase one of his coloring books or many prints, visit We look forward to the many things Mr. Williams has in store!


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