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DeJarius "DJ" Evans


Jackson, MS

IG: @_evans.photography_ ; @theesniper_

Twitter: @djthepaparazzo_

Clinton Bernard

Tampa, Fl

IG: @Clint915


Rayven Duckett

Bowie, MD

Twitter/IG: @sevenmangoes

Jordon Thomas

Tampa, Fl

Twitter/IG: @jordo_t

Tracy Gnoan

 London/Nottingham, United Kingdom

Twitter/IG: @Canttracme


A4: £10

A3: £15

'Give The Skin Something To Reflect'

17/04/18. This series is an exploration of lighting and
colour against black skin tone. Challenges that (black) minorities face within the film industry and the lack of diversity there is is explored through this series. Even as simple and subtle as lighting are ethnic minorities not considered with the mindset that ‘one shade fits all’ whether that is in the film/photography industry, beauty industry etc. This dates back to the 40’s with Kodak ‘Shirley Cards’ featuring caucasian models were whiter skin tones were ideal for film and photography. Consequently, lighting and colour calibration used for white skintones would be used on all shades, making it unflattering for black minorities. Why can’t lighting be adjusted for black actors/actresses and models? Artist Tracy Gnoan celebrates black skin by presenting the skin in the most aesthetically pleasing way.  Colours used in these photos take into consideration all the features of black skin and compliments the models, celebrating their beauty and complexion. 

Stephanie Owens

 Huntsville, Alabama

Twitter/IG: @stephowensart

'HeartThrob Visual Campaign'

HeartThrob is Griffin's latest EP streaming on all platforms. Prior to the musical project's release in June 2018, a photo series shot by Stephanie Owens paying homage to several beloved heart throbs was published. The campaign enticed our audience to explore the brand, creating a seamless segue for new listeners to discover the music. (View full campaign at

Sidney Poitier
John Stamos
Michael Jackson
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