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Click on a piece of artwork to be taken to the artist's website; Otherwise, purchasing information is provided. 

Olukotun Opeyemi Matthew

Modele Street, 2018


12" x 16"

For Purchase:

Tracy Gnoan

just Bare With Me

Pastel on tanned paper

Original: 11.7" x 16.5"


Prints: 11.7" x 16.5"


            8.3" x 11.7"


Michaela R. Johnson


Colored Pencil

15" x 20"

Prints start at $15

For purchasing:

pink matter-wm.jpg

Michaela Angelena

Pink Matter

Prisma Color Pencil

14" x 17"


For purchasing:



Pen on Mixed Media paper

Print: 9" x 12" - $30

         12" x 18" - $40


Unashamed Artiste

       Baltimore, MD


Bleu, 2016

Pastel on Paper

40" x 28"

This piece is the start to a series exploring young black identity and functionalism in society. What does it mean to be a black man or woman in the black community? 'Just Bare With me' capitalises on the patience we must give to listen to the unheard voices of minorities. The gaze of the man looking directly at the viewer, could be seen as both soft and warm or perhaps cold and uninviting. Either way, the only thing that can determine how he is portrayed is you.

For purchasing contact:

Private message on: 

Twitter : Canttracme

Instagram: Canttracme

Michaela R. Johnson


Colored Pencil

15" x 20"

Prints start at $15

For purchasing:

blue boy.jpg

Michaela Angelena

Blue Boy Fly  - Print

Prisma Color Pencil

18" x 24"

For purchasing:

Pink Matter was inspired by a photo shoot of Frank Ocean. It's part of a series called Beauty in Blue. This series depicts brown skin tones in shades of blue and purple. Each piece was created by many layers of colored pencil.  

black power 001.jpg

Cédric Katchia

King No Matter What

Prisma Color Pencil

9" x 12” print


For Purchasing:

IG/Twitter: @cedrickatchia

wise eyes.jpg

Keisha Jackson

Wise Eyes


12” x 6.5” print


see through.jpg

Keisha Jackson

See Through


10.5” x 8.73” print


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